I follow Primal Voyage on Instagram, Facebook and now his group called Primal Voyage Keto Freaks, which is awesome! I have learned more about Keto being in the group and have tried great recipes that have been shared there.  Jason, founder of Primal Voyage and Keto Freaks is very helpful & knowledgeable about Keto, and man can he cook!!! He has been a motivation to me and has encouraged me to want to live a healthier lifestyle. -Cecilia A. 

I’ve been struggling with my weight for over 20 years.  Jason started telling me about the Keto lifestyle and it sounded promising.  I started asking him questions and he guided me through the Keto way of eating. He is very reassuring when I have my doubts.  This way of eating is the best I’ve found so far.  I added in some exercising and I’m already down 20 lbs in ONE month. Thanks Jason!  -Jeff W.

I saw Jason’s testimony on another page, asked a question about fasting and he answered almost immediately, so I asked another! He made me feel like he really understood and wanted to help, which he did!  Now I ask questions all the time and he’s always there to help me.  -Anne S.

Jason’s personal testimony and pictures have inspired and motivated me to follow his instructions to help me achieve my own health & wellness goals.  I also really appreciate his help and advice with questions regarding benefits, possible risks, and any unfound negative warnings included in this diet.  -Katie H.