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Hello! I’m Jason, and I’m going to teach you how to lose weight & change your lifestyle forever.

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I was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago. I was always a chunky kid as far back as I can remember. I would eat the standard American diet heavy on the grains, and low on fat. Once I had became an adult the same thing continued in a vicious cycle losing some weight here and there only gaining all the weight back plus some. I would try to workout as much as I possibly could thinking gym hours would solve my problem. After being married and having three kids I let the stress of everyday life pile up on me and continued putting on weight upwards of 300lbs.I pretty much just told myself that I was destined to be overweight my whole life.
I continued this way up until I was 34 years old when a routine office visit at my doctors office turned into a team of doctors and surgeons rushing me into exploratory surgery trying to save my life. After that day when God spared my life I made up my mind that I’m going to change something to get my weight, health, and overall happiness in control. I started a low-carb diet within a week of getting out of the hospital and watched as my weight was steadily dropping. I couldn’t come to the realization that everything I was told growing up was the complete opposite of what I’m doing now, and I’m dropping weight faster than ever. 
After dropping 65 lbs I was hooked on the low carb lifestyle. I couldn’t wait to tell and talk to everybody I knew about how the low carb lifestyle was changing my life, not just the scale weight number, but everything else that improved as well such as mood, energy, sleep, mental clarity, etc.After being low carb for a couple years I still had fat to lose I stumbled across the Ketogenic lifestyle. After doing the Ketogenic lifestyle for a couple months I smashed through my plateau, doing Keto was my lowest weight ever at 190, my overall health was the best ever as well. I was hooked I took my love and passion for cooking and mixed that with Keto to find the ultimate recipe for my success. I decided that I wanted to help more and more people learn everything about Keto. Seeing somebody that I helped change their whole life for the better, and It’s directly related to the Ketogenic life brings me the ultimate joy. I decided that I wanted to take this to the next level and make it a career, I’ve obtained my AFAA & NASM certification as a Ketogenic Living Coach.

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