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KETOgenic Living 102

For KETOgenic 101 Graduates looking to continue their journey


KETOgenic Living 101

For beginners looking to utilize the KETOgenic lifestyle


Private 1:1 Coaching

This is a perfect option for somebody that wants a more customizable approach!


KETOgenic Living 101 for beginners
$199/7 weeks

Daily one-on-one coaching in private group, Custom macros, Detailed pdf guide book yours to keep, and more.

KETOgenic Living 102 for 101 graduates
$149/8 weeks

This program is for graduates of Ketogenic Living 101, Detailed pdf guide book yours to keep, Daily one-on-one coaching in private group, and more.

One-On-One Coaching for more intimate guidance
$499/7 weeks

Weekly one-on-one hour long video call of your choice (7 total hours), Custom macronutrient goals, Recieve both Ketogenic living 101 & 102 guides to keep.


I follow Primal Voyage on Instagram, Facebook and now his group called Primal Voyage Keto Freaks, which is awesome! I have learned more about Keto being in the group and have tried great recipes that have been shared there.  Jason, founder of Primal Voyage and Keto Freaks is very helpful & knowledgeable about Keto, and man can he cook!!! He has been a motivation to me and has encouraged me to want to live a healthier lifestyle. -Cecilia A. 

I’ve been struggling with my weight for over 20 years.  Jason started telling me about the Keto lifestyle and it sounded promising.  I started asking him questions and he guided me through the Keto way of eating. He is very reassuring when I have my doubts.  This way of eating is the best I’ve found so far.  I added in some exercising and I’m already down 20 lbs in ONE month. Thanks Jason!  -Jeff W.

I saw Jason’s testimony on another page, asked a question about fasting and he answered almost immediately, so I asked another! He made me feel like he really understood and wanted to help, which he did!  Now I ask questions all the time and he’s always there to help me.  -Anne S.

Jason’s personal testimony and pictures have inspired and motivated me to follow his instructions to help me achieve my own health & wellness goals.  I also really appreciate his help and advice with questions regarding benefits, possible risks, and any unfound negative warnings included in this diet.  -Katie H.


I understand that Jason Jurmann is a Ketogenic Living Certified Coach and does not dispense medical advice nor prescribe treatment. Rather, he provides education to enhance my knowledge of health as it relates to foods, behaviors associated with eating, and exercise. While nutritional support can be an important complement to my medical care, I understand ketogenic nutrition counseling is not a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, or care of disease by a medical provider. If I, the “CLIENT”, is under the care of a healthcare professional and/or am currently using prescription medications, I should discuss any dietary changes or potential dietary supplement use with my doctor, and should not discontinue any prescription medications without first consulting with my doctor. I acknowledge that the advice I receive during my ketogenic nutrition coaching sessions is separate from the care that I receive from any medical facility, and that this coaching is in no way intended to be construed as medical advice or care. I should continue regular medical supervision and care by my primary care physician.I release Jason Jurmann and Primal Voyage, LLC from any and all liability, damages, causes of action, allegations, suits, sums of money, claims and demands whatsoever, in law or equity, which I ever had, now have, or will have in the future against Jason Jurmann, arising from my past or future participation in, or otherwise with respect to, the nutrition sessions, unless arising from the gross negligence of Jason Jurmann.